Friday, July 2, 2010

Word World and Dive Olly Dive DVD Review

NCircle Entertainment has some very affordable, entertaining, and educational DVD's. We just watched Word World: Pirate Sheep and Dive Olly Dive: Under Pressure. We have never seen a Dive Olly Dive before but World World is a favorite in our house.

Word World: Pirate Sheep features 4 different shows and is about 1 hour long.
Pirate Ship
Superhero Sheep (our favorite)
Mail Mix Up
Wee Little Whale

Word World encourages pre-reading skills and phonemic awareness. It's also engaging and funny. My daughter likes the strong personalities given to each character. They usually learn to work together to build a word and to solve the problem. You can buy Word World: Pirate Sheep for 11.99 US$.

In Dive Olly Dive, Olly is the cute little yellow submarine that has adventures under the sea with his friends. Dive Olly Dive: Under Pressure is an hour long DVD that includes five adventure stories
Sub magnet
Pressure's On
Grandpa Claude
Doug's Apprentices

A Jelly Old Time

Teamwork and the the importance of friendship is emphasized. We liked these but they are dramatic and my daughter was a bit hesitant at first. After she saw them with me she really liked Olly.
You can buy Dive Olly Dive: Under Pressure for 11.99 US$.
*product provided for review purposes.

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  1. We like World World at our house too. Big brother likes Olly-little sis not too much
    Carrie's Clan


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