Saturday, July 31, 2010

Organic Fruit Basket

Smart consumers know the advantages of eating certified organic fruit. Now you can show how much you care by sending an organic gift basket from

I think a basket of fresh organic fruit is a healthy and thoughtful gift for just about any occasion -- from birthdays and house warming celebrations to thank you and business gifts.

I was so impressed with my Organic Extravaganza that was delivered to my door. It was beautifully packaged and every fruit (yes, all 12!) were individually wrapped. Each fruit was perfect with out any blemishes or bruising. I received pears, apples, oranges kiwi, avocados and grapefruit. They were all ready to eat, except the pears, which needed a few days to ripen. It was lovely to have 12 beautiful organic fruits to display. Well, actually my "display" didn't last long. I had lots of helpers eager to sample. They were all sweet and delicious too!

ProFlowers works directly with growers to ensure that each piece of fruit in our organic collection has been certified as organic. As with all of our gourmet fresh fruit gifts, all ProFlowers organic fruit is picked at exactly the right time to arrive fresh and juicy anywhere in the U.S. Ordering fruit delivery and gourmet gifts online is easy. ProFlowers has a large selection of fresh seasonal and organic fruits for fast U.S. delivery.
Organic Extravaganza:

2 Certified Organic Bartlett or D'Anjou Pears
2 Certified Organic Fuji or Gala Apples
2 Certified Organic Navel Oranges
2 Certified Organic Kiwi
2 Certified Organic Avocados
2 Certified Organic Grapefruit
What a wonderful gift to give. I certainly enjoyed my gift:)

*Product provided for review purposes. All opinions are Mom's Best Bets


  1. Wow, $44 is a great price and flowers you don't get to eat
    Mom of 5

  2. lol Mom of 5!
    I want some:) so much better than flowers (except on Valentine's day:))

  3. What a great idea!! Now they just need to do that with grass fed beef!!!!!!!!!!!


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