Monday, July 5, 2010

Makana Soy Wax Pikake Candle

My soy wax candle smells of heavenly Pikake!

The word makana in Hawaiian means gift. I cannot think of a better scented gift than with Makana candles. They have a Hawaiian flair but are made in California.

*They are 100% soy wax that has no GMOs,
*Lead-free cotton wicks
*Phthalate-free fragrance oils blended with essential oils

Each candle comes wrapped by hand in packaging made with recycled PCW materials. I was so impressed with how beautifully wrapped my Pikake candle was. But was even more noteworthy was the smell. It was hands down the most real Pikake fragrance I have found (even in Hawaii). I despise fake flower scents and was shocked how mild and authentic it was. I like the smell so much I am lobbying for a Pikake lotion! (for those who aren't familiar with Piake, it's similar to jasmine)

They are launching their new website following the redesign of their product lines. I am excited to see what the changes are, because they are already pretty fabulous.
If you are attending the California Gift Show in Los Angeles, stop by and visit them (July 16-19, 2010).
*product provided for review purposes


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