Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warmables For a Healthier Lunch

Healthier Lunch For Your Kids
School lunches or lunches packed from home? Well, we all know that school lunches don't measure up nutritionally, but some home packed lunches aren't the best either such as PB&J’s, cold pasta, and fruit cups. The problems is you are confined to packing items that don't need to be heated or refrigerated.

WARMABLES has a solution so that you can send your child to school with a warm, home cooked meal.WARMABLES is a highly effective heat source consolidator; it keeps food warm for 4-6 hours. Each set includes: - The actual WARMABLES pouch, it is the insulator. It’s is made with layers of various cotton and polyester fabrics which are then lined with nylon.
- A BPA-free plastic food storage container. It holds up to 16 oz. of food and does not leak. It is safe to heat and store meals in this container.
- A cherry pit bag; this is an old trick used before the time of modern heating systems;A bag of cherry pits would be put on a hearth until hot. It was then used to warm cold beds during the winter. In our case it helps to keep your child’s lunch warm.

Here is how it works: Fill the provided plastic container with food. Heat in microwave. Put the container with its hot contents into the WARMABLES pouch. Heat the provided cherry pit bag in microwave. Put it into the WARMABLES pouch along with the food container. Take the sealed WARMABLES pouch and put it into your child’s INSULATED lunch box. That is it; you are now ready to start feeding your kids healthier lunches, save money, produce less garbage and feel really great about all of the above.
Warmables Benefits:- Healthier school lunches, Save money, pack last night’s extras and don’t pay for what they would buy in school, Made in the USA, helps our economy to recover faster.
Materials are purchased in the USA and Canada only.Warmables will not be produced overseas. Warmables pit bag products are made of natural cotton and filled with real cherry pits.Packaging materials are kept to a bare minimum for environmental reasons. I especially like this product for packing nutritious soups in the autumn and winter months. Buy your warmable here for $ 27.95
*product provided for review purposes

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  1. I'm a chef and would love to pack my boys more home cooked meals-i will look warmables up=thanks
    Cookin' Mama


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