Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shine On Now with American Girl and Make a Difference!

Shine On Now - American Girl
To foster a spirit of goodwill and help make the world a
brighter place, American Girl is introducing Shine On Now—a new charitable initiative that
harnesses the collective power of girls to help others in need.

Shine On Now begins today! American Girl is calling on girls across the country to help the company give up to $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to the following four organizations: Kids in Distressed Situations, National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, National Wildlife Federation, and Save the Children.

Girls can become an official American Girl Ambassador at and inspire other girls to join the Shine On Now effort. As ambassadors, girls will receive a free, downloadable tool kit filled with fun and actionable tips and ideas for fund-raising, volunteering, or donating to the four worthy charities participating in Shine On Now, or wherever they see an opportunity to make a difference.

On July 13, 2010, girls can go to and put their collective efforts to powerful use. Visitors can contribute up to 100 free stars each day to help American Girl reach its goal of collecting one million stars by the end of the program on July 31, 2010. If the target is reached, American Girl will donate its maximum gift of $1 million in clothes, books, dolls, and money to the four designated charities.
Check out Shine On Now on twitter and facebook for more of the latest news.

I am thrilled to be part of American Girl's initiative to raise money and awareness for such worthy organizations. I will be blogging more about Shine On Now and there is an exciting giveaway to come, so stay tuned...


  1. Cool, I will share with my daughter- a big fan of AG

  2. Looking forward tor giveaway-Mom of Twins


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