Friday, June 4, 2010

Micralite FastFold Superlite Stroller Review

It's here! Finally the new Micralite FastFold Superlite has arrived. This modern stroller is 14 lb. of style and comfort and a best bet for getting out and about with baby this summer!

The Micralite FastFold Superlite has all of the features of a full-size stroller but functions as an umbrella stroller. Weighing in at only 14 pounds, the FastFold Superlite is a compact and ergonomic stroller that is easily maneuvered using only one hand. The sliding seat reclines for baby's comfort or sits upright so your child can enjoy the views.
My favorite feature is the mesh bucket seat that naturally breathes. I am constantly seeing babies overly bundled in dark strollers on summer days. Remember that babies can overheat quickly and ventilation is important.
My second favorite component of the new Micralite is the stylish and vibrant contemporary colors it comes in. I love the yellow!! It folds in a pinch and you can even do it with one hand. I am new to using a 3 wheeled stroller but what I have learned is that large tires are a must for various terrains and the Superlite's rear pneumatic tires soak up the bumps and ensure the passenger a comfortable ride. The swiveling front wheels give excellent control in the street and allow precise maneuverability in tight spots.

I love the look and of course that it's lightweight. I haven't found a better stroller to take to on VACATION! It will travel great, will keep baby secure and cool in hot summer months, and it can fold fast when you need it to. If you are planning a trip to Disney World, Six Flags, or Busch Gardens this is the perfect stroller to choose. It's also a wonderful pick for strolling around outside or in the mall.

Most strollers that you buy take forever to assemble but this stroller takes minutes!! It is obviously well made and I was so surprised that in minutes it was assembled and ready to go! You can buy this stroller many places online and in retail stores. Visit Scandinavian Child to find out where to buy a Micralite Stroller

Are there any negatives to buying the Micralite Fast Fold Superlite Stroller?

I personally like to have a cup holder and this stroller doesn't come with one. I have a simple solution-they are only a few dollars and can attach on the handlebars or clip on the side. Scandinavian Child also sells accessories such as a rider for older children, a travel bag, a sun shield, and a superlite seat liner.

Patented, easy-folding design
Stands upright when folded
One-handed steering and precise maneuverability
Lightweight - only 14 pounds (6.4 kg)
Two position breathable mesh, reclining seat
Includes air pump for rear wheels
5 Point Safety Harness
Robust 12" all terrain removable pneumatic rear wheels
Lockable 6" front swivel wheels
Easy-grip adjustable handles

Regular Price: $349.99

This stroller is a Mom's Best Bet for getting fit while walking with your baby for 2010!*Product provided for review purposes. All opinions are Mom's Best Bets.


  1. STUNNING! I have to check to see where it's sold. My sister is looking for one just like this!

  2. I have a micralite- love it! We got it when my son was a newborn and he's 2.5- we get compliments still! Traveling is great, only sad point- beware of Jetblue- they are the worst w/ strollers, they damaged it so much that we were sent a brand new one from micralite, since they deemed it not safe for my child, and replacements for parts are easy to get too! And as for accessories, I actually called to find out about cup holders, they said, since it's made in England, only Americans use strollers as extensions of cars, that a hot drink + baby = dangerous... understood, and since we know from experience that heavy bags are better on the bottom, not the handles- we supplemented w/ a skip hop bag that Velcros everywhere on any stroller- that is the cup holder (more like a sports bottle holder). Another point, for the new buyers, the front wheels are single wheels, not like a Graco, the tires are independent so unless there is even weight they don't always turn as twin wheels- that's the benefit- the stroller compensates for uneven terrain awesomely! Enjoy the new ride!

  3. What a gorgeous stroller! Honestly, most lightweight strollers are not put together long enough to last, band they are definitely not as stylish! Thanks for the review!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  4. I am in the market for a stroller for my grandson who will be born around Christmas time. My daughter doesn't drive and needs a well made stroller that is light weight enough to easily get on and off the bus. How does this stroller holdup?


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