Monday, June 21, 2010

Drinking Water Safe for Humans but not Goldfish

Yesterday I visted a pet store with my daughter. She was marveling at the beautiful goldfish when my eye caught some goldfish water for sale. The label stated that fish can survive in tap water but they thrive in pure oxygenated water that doesn't contain heavy metals. I was appalled to think that our drinking water isn't adequate for fish yet humans drink it everyday!

To ensure that you aren't just surviving but thriving try an inexpensive way to get cleaner water by using a pitcher such as the ZeroWater® Pitcher for $35.00.
ZeroWater® is the only filtered water from a pitcher that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water. The Pitcher comes with the following products:
One ZeroWater® filter cartridge that removes contaminants that cause water to have an unpleasant taste.
An independently made TDS Meter to give you peace of mind that your ZeroWater® filter cartridges are working properly. It also lets you know when to replace the filters. When your water starts reading 006 it's time for a change.
The one-chamber Pitcher with lid has a pour spout, exclusive in-fridge push button dispenser and a special storage compartment for the TDS Meter.
More complete filtration than ordinary carbon filters
Clean, crisp taste
Includes one Pitcher, one filter, and one TDS meter.
So, if it’s not all zeros, it’s not ZeroWater®.
It's sold online and in many stores near you such as Target.


  1. Hello! Thought you'd like to see where you are mentioned in my blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Yikes! I never really thought of it like that. Where my husband's family lives, they actually have BOIL warnings sometimes because the water is so bad. They even brush their teeth with bottled water.


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