Monday, May 24, 2010

Korres Makeup and Skin Care Review

Korres makeup is a Mom's Best Bet! What most impresses me about this Greek skincare line is it's natural direction without the use of synthetic ingredients such as silicones, propylene glycol, petroleum, parabens, and many other unnecessary chemicals. They use Greek flora herbs and many food based ingredients. The packaging is stylish and the colors are brilliant. The newest Korres arrivals to Mommy's makeup drawer are:

Quercetin and Oak age-reversing night cream for younger and firmer and skin.
• Regenerative Oak Extract firms and plumps aging skin
• Powerful Quercetin Active- The most active, well-established polyphenol for maximum antioxidant protection.
• Myrtle active extract visibly increasing skin density
• Barrier-Repairing Everlasting (Amaranth) Lipids help with repairing and restoring damaged skin.
• Time-release proprietary blend of Jojoba, Grape and Pomegranate oils provides instant nourishment and hydration throughout the night.

I have been using this every night for the past few weeks and am hooked. It is rich but very nourishing at night, especially after a day in the sun and ocean.

99% Natural Face Primer

Silicone- free, 99% natural face primer with certified organic skin-perfecting and soothing extracts • Smooth, perfected skin• Fillied-in fine lines and wrinkles• Visibly reduced pores

After reading that Kim Kardashian uses a silcone primer to make her makeup glide on without creases and wrinkles, I decided to find a more natural way to look fabulous. Korres produces with this great way to set the stage so to speak for perfect makeup application.

WILD ROSE Brightening and long-lasting foundation SPF 20

This Oil-free, fluid foundation easily glides on skin giving a luminous natural finish with long-lasting coverage and sun protection. It has a weightless feeling and is scented with Wild Rose oil, a natural source of vitamin C. This is a nice foundation that matches my skin perfectly. It provides good coverage and has a lovely wild rose smell.

There are 34 Korres stores internationally with 2 in NYC. You can also find their products online or at Sephora.


  1. I feel great wearing Korres makeup. I buy mine in Sephora too. The liquid makeup I don't buy because I don't like rose scented things but their primer is very nice! JS

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but I like the ingredients already. Glad to know it's available at Sephora.


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