Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buying Stylish Glasses Online

I am a big fan of buying glasses online. That may make some of you nervous when you cannot try them on first, but I have found it to be the 3 S's:


*Stress free,

*Surprisingly Stylish.

When I buy prescription glasses online I pretty much already know what styles and colors I like and I stay in those parameters. In the picture above I am wearing tinted prescription glasses from They are simple and black with some classy gold thin lines that accent the sides. They are comfortable and clear and sassy!

I received a wonderful complement a few days ago at Neiman Marcus. A woman who worked their asked me who made my sunglasses and shared with me how much she liked the sophisticated simple look of them. She also shared that she worked in their designer sunglasses department and was tired of seeing the flashy name brands written all over the glasses. She was shocked when I told her they were prescription glasses bought online at that sells for only $50.00. Here she thought my $50.00 glasses looked more expensive then the $500 glasses she was selling!

JustEyewear offer 24/7 online support and shows you how to choose a frame that's right for you. All of their glasses are made in the U.S.A. by trained technicians. Every pair is made to ANSI Z80.1 Standards and is inspected 5 times before being sent to you. They also offer a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee on every pair sold.
So how can they sell glasses as cheap as $19 a pair? Simple: low overhead, no large sales staff, expensive retail store, or trendy inventory to maintain. And so
Just Eyewear can pass those savings right on to you. I hope your next Eye Glasses buying experience was as quick, easy, and fun as mine.

Blessings and Eye Health!
*Product provided for review purposes. All opinions are Mom's Best Bets


  1. I love simple black sunglasses and sometimes get bored too of seeking BIG Designer Letters on the sides! JayT

  2. Online stores are the ideal place to seek for glasses, because they offer a number of benefits over just about every real life outlet. Because an online store costs so much less to operate than a real life retail outlet, the prescription glasses available online tend to be much cheaper than those you find in real life.


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