Thursday, August 27, 2009

A New Chapter on Vitamins

There are so many different types of vitamins found everywhere nowadays-from grocery stores, convenient shops, an explosion of online sellers, to even bottled water. Due to our mineral depleted soil, poor dietary habits, and environmental pollution, people need to take additional vitamins and minerals, usually in a pill form. But which ones are the best. The best for your body is determined by what your body actually can absorb from the supplement and is able to use.

Research has shown that whole foods are more bio available for your body. This is how God designed us-to get our nutrients from foods, not necessary pills. So, when doing my research on vitamins I found New Chapter, a company from Vermont that has a vast array of supplements all from whole foods. They are committed to protecting the environment and delivering quality products that are derived from organic foods.

One of my favorite's is their Whole Omega comprised of Omega 3’s, 5, 6’s, 7 and 9’s from wild salmon. This omega contains all of the good fats that benefits our brain, heart, and eyes. They also help with the immune and digestive systems. I definitely feel the difference from taking Whole Omega.

They have many more impressive products on there website that you can read about and a Naturopathic Physician that can help answer all your questions.
These are vitamins you can feel good about taking!


  1. New Chapter has great calcium supplements too. I'm going to try their whole omega...that must be new

  2. My dog the cancer survivor is on their Host Defense. NOT cheap, but what gonna do...

  3. “Anyone else know if it’s true that Bone Strength is now using a dredged b grade algae instead of algaecal? Because that’s what I just read about it here”


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