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Children's Art Classes on Oahu

I made this quick collage on my iphone while waiting for my daughter in her art class. It's hard not to be inspired with this kind of beauty all around you! 
There are many art classes for children all over the island of Oahu.  Three classes that I recommend are:
Hawaii Academy of Art, Kroc Center, and Adventures in Art.  

Whipped Orange Cream Body Butter Recipe

I am head over heals for this homemade body butter I made.  You can find a lot of different homemade whipped body butter recipes from natural blogs right now.  I checked out a lot of them and decided to simplify the recipe for own batch.  I didn't want an essential oil in my mixture because the natural scent of chocolate from the cacao butter is amazing enough!

This is so easy: 
  1. First heat 1/2 cup of cacao butter, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of Shea butter, and 1/2 cup of jojoba oil until its a liquid consistency.  Then add a few drops of your favorite oil. I used orange oil.
  2. Next, refrigerate until its starts to solidify.  
  3. Finally, get out your beaters and whip it like whipped cream. (Just don't be tempted to eat it because it smells like chocolate and looks just like whipped cream)
***Also, be aware that it is an oil once rubbed on the skin so too much can leave a residue that can stain couches and clothing


Top 10 things to do at Aulani

Disney's Aulani Resort Lazy River

If you read my post about Aulani Disney's Grand Opening Celebration on the beach, then you know how much fun I had while staying here.  I thought I would share some tips on having fun in Hawaii while staying at the Aulani Resort.  

Here are 10 things not to be missed at Aulani (in no particular order):

1. Do take a few minutes upon arriving to talk story in the lobby with the Hawaiian greeter.  She has a wealth of knowledge and also has wonderful stories to share.

2. If you have kids, they will love the menehune bridge and so will you.  So, the best lounge chairs with kids are right in front of the bridge with the umbrella.  There you will have shade/sun and will be able to watch your children while they water play.
3. Do visit Aunty's Beach House.  It is the best kids club that I have ever been to.  Your children will be learning and laughing Disney style, while you can get some free time.  

4.  For your time, sans kids, I recommend the "infinity" jacuzzi facing the beach.  It's gorgeous.  There is also a fire pit next to it and at night it's very romantic.  I stopped by the Olelo Room (Hawaiian Bar) and ordered the Acai martini.  It was a great pick because it came with a real Acai beed bracelet!

5. Another option if your children are at Aunty's Beach House is to visit the Laniwai Spa.  It is tranquility and relaxation at it's best.  The lomi lomi massage is my pick.  Even if you don't want a treatment, you can pay $45 and be able to use different soaks and parts of the facility for your enjoyment.  

6.  The Fitness Center was state of the art, so bring your tennis shoes.  If the gym is not your thing or you have children with you, then an early morning walk on the beach is amazing.  This is one of my favorite beaches:)

7.  Definitely read your daily Iwa and visit the Pau Hana room.  I completely missed this until the last day.  Most of the crafts are complimentary and are wonderful like weaving and kukui nut bracelet making.  Also, pick up your Menehune Adventure Game and go on the menehune trail.  It's an exciting and fun way to find out about the lay of the land

8.  As far as eating here, I recommend the One Paddle Two Paddle for a yummy lunch at a great price.  
We had a wonderful burger with sweet potato french fries,  homemade mac and cheese with peas, the Crispy Marinated Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and Sustainable Catch Fish Tacos.  

We ordered room service for breakfast one morning and their loco moco is a local favorite and presented beautifully.  Also the peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast was amazing. 

For all of you coffee lovers, the Kona blend coffee is perfect.  I made it on the room which was good but it tastes even better when I bought it at the restaurants and at the store.

9. Also, don't miss ohana movie night on the makaloa lawn.  There you will sit under the stars on lauhala mats watching Disney movies.  

10. Here is a picture of my daughter at the Rainbow Reef saltwater snorkel lagoon. It's filled with tropical fish.  It costs $20 for adults and $15 for children, or you can purchase an length-of-stay pass at $39 for adults and $29 for children. The condition are always perfect.  My daughter absolutely loved it so it was worth every penny (she has also been snorkeling all over these islands).

Okay, now I am realizing I have even more tips to share. For now, you can visit Aulani to watch videos, view pictures, or plan your trip. 

I know you will have an unforgettable Hawaiian vacation!

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Read about the opening

DIY Cardboard Barbie House

Who knew? Yes, it's pretty amazing what you can do with some scissors, tape, a cardboard box, and some creativity.

This was a fantastic project that my daughter and I did together.  She has a store bought barbie doll house that she loves but she has accumulated more little girl and baby barbies recently and couldn't fit them all inside.  So, she wanted a playhouse for the "barbie kids."  

We decided to make one ourselves as we got out our craft box with all kinds of scraps of material, stickers, and felt and then we began to cut and glue.  It was a lot of fun for her to be able to design everything the way that she wanted the beds and the wall art to look.  She even picked out a refrigerator from a magazine to glue on.  We also had some extra doll furniture we used but the couch, kitchen table, and beds we made out of cardboard.  

The options are endless for a project like this and if an adult was doing this solo they could really get crafty and detail oriented.
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